Dr. Madhavan Pisharodi is a neurosurgeon who has been practicing in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA for the last 31 years. He started his career as a board-certified neurosurgeon in India. He was the only neurosurgeon for approximately one-third of the state of Kerala at the time.  During this period, he served as the head of the Neurosurgery division of the Surgery department at Calicut Medical College, Kerala. After coming to the United States, he completed the board requirements in the US (1979-1985) and became board certified in 1989. Following this, he practiced general neurosurgery in the US. During his career as a neurosurgeon he designed a unique stereotactic frame (US patent number US 5,387,220 ) Subsequently he redirected his interest to developing spinal implants. He is the inventor of a surgical technique called “Lumbar Intervertebral Disk stabilization (LIDS)” and designed a titanium disk implant to support this type of surgery. Dr. Pisharodi has spearheaded LIDS multi-center clinical studies in the USA. Subsequently, he got FDA clearance for his “RADIX” cervical plate, “SARAL” cervical plate & “UNIMAX” pedicle screw plating system. Through UNIMAX, Dr. Pisharodi revived the plating system by making it possible to do plating in multi-level stabilization. Over the years he has been granted over 60 patents in US and other countries. Outside the field of medicine, he has been issued 4 patents for solar panels, 9 for designing an energy saving and device-protecting battery charger, and 2 for a sub- mechanical vibration device for pain management.  He has several patents pending for renewable energy systems such as wind turbine & hydroelectric projects. His current focus is to join forces in defeating the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than trying to seek temporary solutions for it through testing, counting, forcing lockdown, social distancing and wearing masks. Despite the availability of an effective vaccine against the disease, Dr. Pisharodi envisions that humanity may have to be concerned and prepared for similar pathogenic outbreaks in the future. Please follow https://pisharodimedicals.com/ to know more about the vibration device, https://pisharodielectronics.com/for the COVID-19 prevention efforts and  http://paramountsurgicals.com/ for the FDA approved spinal implants.

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